Scooby’s Galgo’s in nood deel 2

En de lijst gaat nog door….
Bij de meeste honden staat een korte beschrijving en kunt u meer informatie en foto’s vinden op onze website, op Sccoby’s forgotten galgo’s  of op de website van Scooby

IN NEED OTHER – UNDERDOGS/LONGTIME RESIDENTS/OTHER (underdogs/langzitters en andere honden in nood)

Maxi – a very calm, sweet and gentle natured male, very sweet with people, smaller and weak among the stronger males, has been bitten numerous times in different paddocks, he has a permanent limp also so is not as fast as the others

Yasi  – fantastic, happy, playful, loving, very affectionate, but gets attacked often by the stronger males, has an old fracture

Rone – lovely sweet and happy male, but is bitten in each paddock he goes to, is weaker than the other stronger males, video below

Moro (941000017559751) – sweet and affectionate when he knows you, happy and playful with the other dogs, has had surgery two times in the last year for a fracture, now recovered for the second time but needs to finally leave the shelter after so much time in recovery

Relampago – a super loving older male, adores people and wants to hug you all day long, prefers how own company to that of the other livelier dogs, though he will have the very occasional play with the others, he needs a family of his own and a sofa to relax on all day, now he sleeps in the house at the back of the paddock with one or two other dogs, he doesn’t join the others in the big house

Clarete – a super sweet and loving male, so gentle, quiet, affectionate, wonderful male, one of the long time residents and has been too long in Scooby

Peluco – A fantastic character, he was so afraid and almost wild when he arrived, he has made so much progress, he is nervous of new things but so much better, he is so adorable and loving once he feels safe with you, he makes very sweet little noises all the time, and does such sweet things when he gets happy/excited. He was bitten and was in the infirmary for many weeks while he recovered, he is now living in the escape paddock with a roof as he jumped out of the recovery paddock in panic when he first left the infirmary, now he is settled and happy with his new kennel friends. He is another long time resident and in need to leave the shelter, all of his brothers and sisters are adopted, he is the last still in Scooby. Videos below

Filina – such a sweet, happy, fun and playful little lady, very petite, now in Scooby she is not herself because she lives with a dominant female so doesn’t have so much fun as she used to, she loves people and other dogs and playing, she seems sad now in Scooby, a lovely little lady in need of a home

Marcelo – a very gentle, calm and sweet galgo, he arrived with an old fracture, now he has healed better but has been in the recovery areas for a long time, he has a weaker character among the stronger males and would be better and more comfortable in a home since he has been a long time in recovery. Video below

Osiby – a very sweet and gentle male, he took 3 months to catch him on the street so is living in the escape paddock with a roof just to be safe, he is very sweet and loving when he knows you, a little timid at first, very sweet and happy with the other dogs, a weaker male and will be difficult for him to live in a bigger paddock with stronger males. Videos below

Glew – an adorable little lady, she loves people but is a little timid at first, she sings out in happiness when she sees you coming, a very sweet and submissive character, video below.

Danfy – fantastic large male, so happy, friendly, sweet, loving, a perfect galgo, arrived in terrible condition but now is so big and strong, the happiest boy who lives for having fun, gets along with all other dogs, adores people and is so loving, has been a long time in Scooby, video below

Duki – very sweet and gentle male, has already been bitten in one paddock, has a gentle and weaker character among the other stronger males. Has a very loving character with people.

Shasta – a very young and petite galga, she arrived with both front legs fractured after being hit by a car, she had surgery and is now recovered, now so happy and playful with the other dogs, she is afraid of strangers but with people she knows she is very loving and sweet. She has spent a lot of time in recovery, life would be so much more comfortable in a home, video below

Fara – a lovely, calm, gentle, quiet and very affectionate galga, she is always sleeping so quietly in her basket, not overly active and just likes to relax quietly, would be so happy sleeping on a nice comfortable sofa after many months in Scooby

Pastora – fantastic little lady, so fun, lively, playful, very loving with people, so happy always, another long time resident and has been in the shelter too long

Comas – so calm, quiet, gentle, a little timid until he knows you, then he is so sweet and loving, an underdog, spends most of the day alone relaxing quietly in his basket, needs a home and a comfortable bed of his own

Gitana (941000019548832) A very petite and skinny little lady, has not been long in the shelter but already the other dogs are picking on her, she panics and runs which makes it more hard for her, she is at risk from the other dogs, she would be safer in a home

Yamcha – a very small male, timid of people and of the other dogs, he has already been bitten, he is weak among the many stronger dogs, would be safer in a home

Ross – a fantastic male, so happy, fun, playful, loving, gets along great with the other dogs and loves people, has such a wonderful character, another long time resident and deserves a home